Tax advice is based on a thorough analysis of the changing tax laws. It has lead to financial gain and to minimize compulsory tax burden.

Our team of specialists will help domestic and foreign companies in a significant reduction of the tax burden, therefore improving the financial result and streamline cash flows.

We offer our customers a comprehensive package of services covering various aspects of the situation of the taxpayer, regulations associated with complex international tax law.

The main areas of optimization are:

Advice on tax planning

  • Overview in order to identify potential areas of tax planning,
  • International tax optimization structures,
  • Creating and implementing tax structures
  • Estimating the cost of implementation of the proposed solutions,
  • Advising on the tax aspects of foreign enterprises in Poland and Polish enterprises abroad (branches, representative offices, partnerships).

Advising on tax aspects of the existence of  the company:

  • to analyse  the international tax structures
  • to verify and to  establish a model settlement between the headquarters and plant,
  • to establish the rules for the allocation of revenues to the establishment and costs borne by headquarters to the plant,
  • to prepare the documentation describing flows between the headquarters and plant,
  • to establish  rules for financing activities of the company
  • to assist in documenting settlements between headquarters and plant.

Inspection and analysis of cross-border transactions and receivables

  • to analyse tax structures to make sure that the agreement regarding avoiding the double taxation is correctly prepared
  • to review and analysis of the transactions in terms of specific provisions of the agreements on the avoidance of double taxation,
  • advice and analysis on the tax consequences of international transactions.
Tax optimization minimizes the burden of tax and administrative costs of running the business, increases the profits of the enterprise, as well as protects customer assets against excessive taxation.

The results provided by our team are the real tax savings as well as  reduced tax risk of an international company.

Solutions we propose are unique and alternative which enables to avoid partially or fully taxation depending what country was chosen to be base for the company.

Another course of action is to use transfer pricing to maximize profit of the business entities associated with them. This is done by showing the highest profit in the company in a country where income tax is lower.


The above jurisdictions have earned the name Tax Havens due to a fact of very liberal law systems as the consequence of which is freedom of  incorporating and operating of business, a well kept secrets in banking department, very low taxation or even none of it.

Treaty shopping

The practice of structuring a multinational business to take advantage of more favorable tax treaties available in certain jurisdictions. A business that resides in a home country that doesn’t have a tax treaty with the source country from which it receives income can establish an operation in a second source country that does have a favorable tax treaty in order to minimize its tax liability with the home country.

Konkretne rozwiązania

There are no golden means and common solutions suitable for everyone.  Each case is unique and deserves meticulous analysis.  Nevertheless there are some trends which are often used by  investors.