We implement comprehensive legal proposals based on the latest solutions and advanced technology. We help to reduce the financial burden, minimize tax risk, but also improving your management process.

We are convinced that in order to provide comprehensive, practical advice that can be successfully implemented to the client’s company, it is necessary to be not only proficiency in tax or legal issues, but also to have knowledge of the specific business sectors in which our clients operate.

We are also within the scope of tax planning for optimal solutions for foreigners who are subjects to taxation, members of management and supervisory boards, individuals deriving income from copyrights, patents or inventions, as well as partners of partnerships, equity and self-employed persons. In addition, tax advice for people posted to work in another country. The range of topics dealt with by our team of specialists is wide and varied.

We have created a system operating on variable needs of our customers. We work in a matrix structure, which is divided into tax, legal, administrative, accounting, human resources and management teams.

We can provide assistance and advice in the following areas
  • indirect taxes
  • tax proceedings
  • tax optimization
  • compensation management
  • HR and Payroll
  • Risk management

Tax Optimization

Analyzing the current tax systems, we prepare preferred form of taxation. Some possible solutions are designed to save up financial savings that can be invested in the further development of the company.

Treaty shopping

The practice of structuring a multinational business to take advantage of more favorable tax treaties available in certain jurisdictions. A business that resides in a home country that doesn’t have a tax treaty with the source country from which it receives income can establish an operation in a second source country that does have a favorable tax treaty in order to minimize its tax liability with the home country.

Solid solutions

There are no golden means and common solutions suitable for everyone. Each case is unique and deserves meticulous analysis. Nevertheless there are some trends which are often used by investors.