As an administrator , Capita Legis respects the right of protecting privacy of users of the website . Personal information we collect helps us to better understand needs of our customers and customize the service due to changing expectations.

By registering or entering information including your personal information on this site , you agree to the use of such data in accordance with this Privacy Policy .
In order to accurately explain the principles and mechanisms used in the collection and processing of your data the following Privacy Policy was created.
By using the service you accept the rules and principles of this website.

1. Data collected during registration:
• To use certain features of our website , you will need to register as new user . During registration, we ask you to provide your personal information: name, email address , password and the place of your residence- all of which are covered by the privacy policy.
• Providing personal data and consent to their processing is not mandatory ( it is voluntary )
• Personal data will be processed by Legis Capital as the administrator of personal data for the purposes and in the manner specified in the wording of the statement on the consent to the processing of personal data . At any time you have the right to check the data and update it.

2. Data collected during the ordering service:

• After registration , before you activate the service, we will ask you to re-enter your contact details: address, phone number and e-mail address . In case of persons acting on behalf of the company it will be required to provide the full name of the company / agency.

3. Official contact details:
• Capital Legis puts a great deal of importance to the protection of personal data , in particular in relation to data of its contractors and individuals representing them . Your official contact details , which were obtained in the context of the business relationship between Capital Legis and Mr. / Ms or entity that you represent( in connection with negotiated or concluded with the Capital Legis agreements or offered services; from cards provided to our employees or representatives as well as from publicly available sources such as the National Court Register) they can be processed by Capital Legis in order to maintain and manage relationships with current and potential customers , in accordance with applicable law.

• Capital Legis whose employee or representative received or obtained your contact information acts as servicer of such data. Acquired contact details such as, name, details of the entity you act on behalf of (called later as the Client), phone number, email, position/role in the company, gender, mother tongue, correspondence language may be shared with the requirements of the law only to entities of Capital Legis Group, in particular companies of Capital Legis in Poland. Your contact details have been submitted to Capital Legis voluntarily , in accordance with the law, or were obtained from public sources. You have the right to access the data, the right to correct and update them , to bring a written request to cease processing of your data , as well as to raise an objection in this regard .

4. Data collected automatically
• During your visit on the site, some data of yours is collected automatically: IP address, domain name , browser type, operating system type . These data are not personal data and do not allow us to identify you.

5. Data collected while contacting us
• When you contact us via the website , by telephone or e-mail , we will again need you to provide your personal information such as name, e-mail address to confirm your identity and the possibility of a return contact. The same applies to personal data that have been given in the registration process and the processing of which was expressed by you consent . Again, the disclosure of these data is not mandatory, but it is necessary to carry out transactions or obtain information that interest you.

6. Using the data:
• The given data will be processed to the extent and purpose of which involved a consensus.
• Data collected automatically can be used to analyze user behavior on the site, or to gather demographic information about our users.
• Data collected in the course of correspondence between you and Capital Legis will be used only to help to make us the correct, complete and efficient response to your inquiry.
• In case of violation of the rules of our service combined with a violation of the law of the United Kingdom (UK), and without such a violation but on the basis other regulations, we will be forced to disclose your information, including personal information, judicial authorities.

7. How will we contact you?
• Using the contact form with a message to the service provider, be sure to indicate which form of contact from our side you expect: we can contact you by phone or mail in order to send an answer to your question.

8. Cookies:
• Cookies are short information that our website writes to your hard drive, so that we are able to determine how successfully you enjoy this service. We recognize you to find out what information you need and what you are looking for. We want to know which categories you visit more often , so we can become even more interesting and provide better service than before. It is you who gives us knowledge about the direction we should develop, what are your needs, what is missing and should be on our website.
• Cookies in no way destroy or damage the system of your computer and stored files. They do not affect the performance or functionality of your computer.
• Accepting cookies is not mandatory to use the service. You have every right to refuse to store cookies on your computer. Each web browser, through which you connect to the service, it offers an option to reject cookies. Using the same Web browser can also delete the cookies stored on your computer by option: “Tools” / “Internet Options” / “General” / “Delete Cookies”.
• Capital Legis is not responsible for the content of cookies sent by other web sites which links are placed on its site.

9. Partners
• Privacy Policy does not apply to websites of entities whose contact details or links appear on our site.

10. Changes to privacy policy
• Offer of the Capital Legis will be changing over time as well as technologies, standards and requirements related to conducting business on the Internet. This means that in the future Capital Legis may, and sometimes it will have to make modifications to the Privacy Policy. With each change, a new version of the Privacy Policy will appear on the site with a relevant message. Any changes will be appropriately highlighted for the first 30 days of the change. Using the services after the entry means the user’s approval.

11. Disclaimer
• Capital Legis reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. Each customer and user of Capital Legis using services belonging to the Capital Legis is obliged to follow the current Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions on this page. Any changes do not affect the basic principle: Capital Legis do not sell or provide data to third parties, websites and newsletters. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not visit our website, do not subscribe to newsletters belonging to Capital Legis.

12. Subscription to newsletters
• To subscribe to newsletters belonging to the Capital Legis you must fill in the correct form and provide your email address. These fields are mandatory. Obtained in this way emails are added to the list.

13. Personal information
• Please be advised that personal information given to sites belonging to the Capital Legis are available to all visitors to sites containing such data. Capital Legis is not possible to protect you from individuals or companies who use these data to send you unspecified information. These data are therefore not subject to the Privacy Policy.

14. Unannounced Messages
• Capital Legis reserves the right to send unexpected messages to those who provided personal data and agreed to privacy policy( Consent to use the service is equivalent to acceptance Regulations and Privacy Policy). By unexpected messages Capital Legis understands the information relating directly to its website, newsletters, services and products (changes and promotions), letters (greetings, personal comments etc.) and commercial information.

15. Other forms
• Forms being on the Capital Legis website not related to Capital Legis are not covered by privacy policy.

16. Exclusion of Liability
• We created a website to help you succeed in optimizing the cost of companies. The opinions expressed by the community in the forum, in comments or otherwise are not always consistent with our own. Capital Legis through articles on the site does not accept responsibility for the published ads. The customer should be careful while responding to the ads. Although we check if the ads added to our website are credible yet we cannot be responsible for them.

17. Blogs, forums and other social media
• This website may contain various blogs, forums and other media applications or social networking sites that allow you to share content with other users. Any personal or other information that conveys you to any application of social media can be read, collected and used by other users of the social media application that this application does not control or only control the insignificant. Therefore, we are not responsible for any use, including improper use or misappropriation by another user of any personal data or other information you submit to any social media application.
These materials are for informational purposes only.