Malta is a good direction for investors who plan to major economic projects and tax optimization of their business .


  • no requirements for minimum stay in the territory of Malta,
  • limitation to income tax only transferred or stored at  Malta (income from other sources are not subject to tax).
  • Malta offers a full refund scheme under which the tax paid by the company shall be counted against the tax payable by the shareholders at the time of payment of dividend. If the dividend is paid a commercial company, the public have a right to a dividend refund in the amount of 6/7 of the amount of income tax paid by the company in Malta.
  • Given the above, the effective rate of tax deduction CIT in Malta is approx. 5%.
  • Refund in the amount of 6/7th of the amount of tax paid in the amount of 5/7th and will be possible if the company did not benefit from relief or double taxation.
  • If the dividend is derived from the profit attributable , as the foreign earnings , and therefore , from which the company benefited from a reduction under the avoidance of double taxation , shareholders are entitled to a refund in the amount of 2/3 of the tax paid by the Maltese company

Sole Proprietorship

  • If you want to start working on your own, please fill out the form below
  • completed form should be sent to the Employment and Training Corporation Human Resources Information Unit Birzebbuga BBG 3000,
  • you must have the address in Malta
  • you must have the document proving your identity and NI 3o)

LTD Company

  • registered office must be located in Malta ( there is no need to buy the property , just a long-term rental of premises )
  • any change in the company’s registered office must be notified to the Registrar of Companies
  • minimum share capital is € 1,164.69
  • the company must have a minimum of one director and one shareholder
  • The maximum number of shareholders is 50
  • Company Secretary is required ( not necessary  resident of Malta )
To be able to register a company you must :
Aby móc dokonać rejestracji spółki należy:

  • present the original contract and articles of association signed by the shareholders or by their duly authorized representatives ,
  • confirmation of payment of the share capital ,
  • evidence of identity,
  • check for registration fees (depending on the contributed share capital)

Income tax on individuals

  • tax-free amount
    • Maltese lira- 3250 -3250 0% 3251-5500 15% 5501-6750 25% 6751  35%
    • tax relief depend on marital status

Legal Person

  • income tax from legal persons
    • CIT rate is 35%
  • VAT
    • the standard rate is 18 %
    • reduced rates are 7 % and 5 % and 0 %
Legal Regulations
Malta has concluded an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation with : Albania, Australia, Austria , Bahrain, Barbados , Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China , Croatia, Cyprus , Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt , Estonia, Finland , Georgia, France, Germany , Greece, Guernsey , Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland , India, Ireland, Islands Man, Israel , Italy, Jersey , Jordan , Korea, Kuwait, Lithuania , Lebanon, Libya , Liechtenstein , Latvia, Luxemburgiem , Malaysia, Mexico, Montenegro , Morocco, Netherlands, Norway , Pakistan , Polish , Portugal, Qatar, Romania , Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Serbia , Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia , Spain, Sweden, Austria , Syria, Tunisia, Turkey , United Arab Emirates , United States, Uruguay , United Kingdom. Malta has signed an agreement on the exchange of tax information with : Bahama Islands , Bermuda , the Cayman Islands , Gibraltar , USA.
Accounting & Auditing
  • LTD company does not have to carry out audits of accounts if  it meets 2 of 3 conditions:
  1. The balance total does not exceed 46, 587.47 € ,
  2. the turnover is not greater than € 93,174.94 ,
  3. the average number of employees in the company during the financial year does not exceed 2 employees.
Bank Accounts and Financing
List of the top banks in Malta:

  • Bank of Valetta
  • HSBC Bank Malta
  • Raiffeisen Malta Bank

For more information please visit:

Company registration form