Offshore Business

The Netherlands is one of the most popular fields of business. It has strong and open economy – the sixth largest in Europe and sixteenth in the world.


  • low cost of registration,
  • few formalities,
  • quick registration process
Types of Company

Self employed-(Eenmanszaak)

  • the simplest form of business
  • registration in the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel)
  • Documents required for incorporation: passport and proof of address in the Netherlands (eg. bank statements for the last month, an extract from the municipal administrative register)

A limited liability company (BV)

  • minimum amount of the share capital of BV is 18,000 €,
  • shareholder liability is limited to the amount of its contribution,
  • he most frequently chosen form of activity in the Netherlands,
  • no need for Dutch nationality requirement for shareholders,
  • financial statements must be submitted  in the Chamber of Commerce,
  • company must be registered Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel)
  • each economic activity must be registered in the Chamber of Commerce
  • wanting to register a company in the Netherlands  you must provide current passport and a document confirming the address where you are starting your business (bank statement for the last month or extract from the register of municipal administrative)
  • you must have a confirmed address in the Netherlands
  • starting an employment process you should have SOFI (social identification number)

An individual

  • 0-19 645 € 37%
  • 19 645 – 33 363 € 42%
  • 33 363 – 55 991 € 42%
  • pow. 55 991 € 52%

Legal person

  • 20% up to 200 000 €
  • 25% over. 200 000 €


21% podstawowa stawka VAT

Income from Holland
If you have any income from Holland and at the same time you are a resident of Poland you have to account it based on the convention between the Kingdom of Netherland and Poland for the avoidance of double taxation with respect to taxes on income and capital.
Legal regulations
The Netherlands signed an agreement on avoidance of double taxation and agreement on the exchange of tax information with: Member States of the European Union as well as China, Hong Kong, USA and Japan.
Accounting & Auditing
It is  required to submit annual financial statements. The audit is not a must.
Bank accounts and banking
To open a bank account in the Netherlands do not always need a registration of residence – it depends on the bank.

Popular banks  in the Netherlands are:

  • Rabobank,
  • ING
  • SNS bank
Company registration form