To ensure the highest quality of our services  we focus on training. It is a priority for us. We are well aware that customer’s expectations are constantly rising. This knowledge allows us to be one step ahead of the competition, which distinguishes us on the market.

Individual development plans of our employees are the culmination of all these aspects. Employees together with  coaches establish their  plans for the future, taking into account their ideas, training plans , as well as their own development needs.

Our unique development plan is based on a system of 70/20/10, which is:

  • 10% – education through e-learning, training, books, etc.
  • 20% – coaching through feedback, mentoring, pattern of behavior, etc.
  • 70% – gaining experience through performing assigned tasks and projects

Coaching and feedback are some of the most important aspects of the development process of our employees. Each of them passes an assessment after  the six-month and one year, and everything is done under the watchful eye of coach. For effective collaboration, we believe a culture of feedback, which is the mutual  feedback. An important aspect of our team is to involve employees in the planning process and each of them can independently create their path of development.