We specialize in debt collection originating from business transactions as well as individuals . A characteristic feature of our debt collection services is an individual approach to each client and debtor combined with active measures at every stage of the recovery process .

Therefore, we use all methods permitted by law leaning debtors to fulfill their obligations. Guarantee of our effectiveness is the fact that we do not charge initial fees, and our salary is calculated from pinched claims.

When should you pass  the debt to be recovered?

The sooner you come to us the sooner you we will be able to recover the debt for you. According to our knowledge and gained through years experience, the worsening financial condition and constant risk of insolvency of the debtor may be the main reason of unsatisfactory debt collection.  Knowing that we avoid this scenario to be efficient in recovering debts for you.

In practice, we also encounter cases where debtors taking advantage of legal loopholes are trying to avoid paying on time and treating late payment as an opportunity to prepare for a later battle for failure to pay debt.

Be aware that the delay of payment of two weeks should be an immediate alarm signal in the case of any debt, regardless of the promises of the debtor.

Why should you come to us for a help with a debtor?


  • No win no fee rule means we will take no money unless we win the case for you
  • We do our job fast and effective
  • Quick recovery of the debt based on the latest legal solutions and 9 years of experience in dealing with debtors
  • No need for personal involvement in recovery actions
  • The possibility of canceling any legal action of the debtor, which aimed to limit your ability to recover debt
  • We will support you each step of the recovery process
  • Debt that we recover for you will improve your financial resources by reducing the need to use external financing (bank loans) and associated costs
  • Additional services, such as verifying the debtor’s financial situation,  debtor’s assets before signing a contract with us, is free of charge
  • Securing your interests in the debtor’s assets, which can protect you against the loss of receivables in the event the debtor intends  to conceal or move out your property
Have you got problem with recovering YOUR money just because the debtor hides either the  money or the belongings?

If the answer is YES, we gladly present to you our newest service called “ the search of the debtor’s assets”. It is designed to detect not identified/ hidden assets and as a result satisfy your claims ASAP.

You  often do  not realize your debtor’s wealth as you have no precise data regarding his money, capital and belongings. And that’s the reason why you should choose us. We will not only help you with recovering the debt but also we will make the process as pleasant for you  as possible.  However please remember the sooner you come to us the sooner you will get the money from the debtors. So do not wait!